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Mayor De Lille Joins Bikers In CT To Raise Money For Young Female Learners

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Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille has joined the Bikers for Mandela Rally which embarked on a charity ride to raise money to provide young female learners with sanitary products.
Bikers in Johannesburg and Cape Town were holding mass rallies this weekend.
De Lille said the sanitary pads they collected on Saturday would "go a long way" to assist three million female learners who missed school annually because they could not afford sanitary products.
She was speaking at the rally that was in partnership with Zelda le Grange, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation. De Lille said they were determined to make Cape Town a more "caring and inclusive city".
"It is a goal which Tata Madiba fought for on behalf of all South Africans to allow everyone to live with dignity," she said. The rally is expected to start at the Grand Parade and end at the Drakenstein Prison, where Mandela was freed in 1990.
On Sunday the bikers would start at the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg and travel to the Union Buildings in Pretoria.
"We as ordinary South Africans will never be able to live up to the immense sacrifice Mandela and his generation of leaders made but doing our 67 minutes of service is a good start."

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