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Michel Hannah Chebat, Jr. (born 23 May 1969) is a Belizean lawyer. He has previously served as Chairman of Belize's Social Security Board as well as President of the Bar Association of Belize. He is a partner in the law firm of Shoman and Chebat together with Lisa Shoman.In 1999, Chebat became an attorney for the Social Security Board, but resigned from that position in August 2006, ostensibly to protest the dismissal of CEO Narda Garcia. At the end of the month, however, Chebat rejoined the SSB, succeeding his law partner Lisa Shoman's father Yasin Shoman as Board chairman. During his chairmanship, Chebat oversaw a feasibility study for the implementation of non-contributory pensions, the rollout of national health insurance, and the creation of a new logo. He was succeeded in February 2008 by Lois Young, the ex-wife of Prime Minister Dean Barrow. Wikipedia

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