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Most popular today Sam Nzima and Danny Jordaan directly after him.
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Sam Nzima (born on 8 August 1934, Lillydale, Transvaal) is the South African photographer who took what became the well known image of Hector Pieterson for the Soweto uprising, but struggled for years to get the copyright.Sam Nzima was born in the town of Lillydale in Transvaal Province (now Mpumalanga). His father worked as a labourer for a white farmer. Sam Nzima first became interested in photography when a teacher of his had shown him his camera and how to use it. While still at school, Sam bought a camera and began taking pictures in the Kruger National Park. When the farmer pressed Nzima into farm labour, he ran away after nine months of working at the farm to Johannesburg. He found a job as a gardener in Henningham. When there he had completed his high school education. Wikipedia

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