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    Ma Than E Fend (Burmese: မသန်းအေး, also known by her baptismal name Dora) was a prominent Burmese singer in the early 20th century, known by her stage name Bilat Pyan Than (ဘိလပ်ပြန်သန်း), and an international civil servant who spent a long career in the United Nations. She married an Austrian documentary filmmaker, Warner Fend, and had a great influence on Aung San Suu Kyi, as Than E, a family friend, persuaded Suu Kyi to relocate to New York City and work for the United Nations. Than E was born to a Baptist family and attended Rangoon University, before joining the Teacher's Training College. During the Japanese invasion of Burma in World War II, Than E escaped to India to work for the All India Radio's Burmese language service and subsequently spent the rest of her life abroad. She died at a retirement home in Oxford, United Kingdom on 17 June 2007. Wikipedia

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