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Stanislav Cherchesov

Stanislav Cherchesov

Stanislav Salamovich Cherchesov (Russian: Станисла́в Сала́мович Черче́сов; IPA: [stənʲɪˈslaf sɐˈlaməvʲɪtɕ tɕɪrˈtɕɛsəf], Ossetian: Черчесты Саламы фырт Станислав; born 2 September 1963) is a Russian football manager and former international goalkeeper for USSR and Russia of Ossetian origin. In August 2016 he was appointed as head coach of the Russia national football team with a target of reaching the semi-finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.Cherchesov played for Russia at the 1994 and 2002 World Cups, and Euro 96. He made 39 appearances for a national team. Cherchesov also made one appearance for the FIFA team in the charity game against America in 1995, and for Europe vs Africa in 1997. Wikipedia

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