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    Who is popular today has an API that exposes part of the displayed data, you can consure this API by requesting the same page, with additional "Header" for a different response type, As your browser requestes pages with header "Accept-response: text/html" so the browser responds with HTML, you can also request JSON by specifying a Header "Accept-response: application/json", JSON response is compatible with the JSONAPI standard.

    Note that not all pages respond to JSON, only some pages, like the following page: GET

    You can request JSON data format using 3 ways, Adding a header, or a format parameter with the request or add ".json" to the end of the URL as follows: curl -H "Accept: application/json" curl curl

    All the following endpoints respond to the 3 ways, use the method which is most suitable for your case.

    Pages that respond to JSON format

    • Home page GET

    In case of using ".json" suffix please add "/day" to the end of the URL as the first example did.

    • The most popular list in a particular day GET Returns the top popular people in a particular day

    • Countries list GET Lists the countries supported by the system, you can use the country code as a parameter for other pages to get results for this particular country.

    General rules for using the API

    • Please don't abuse the API by requesting parallel requests or trying to pull as much data as you can.
    • the API is subject ot rate limiting per user, so please use the API from the client side not user side, as that will make your application less subject to exceeding rate limits.
    • the API is subject to changes and enhancements, so please allow your application to be updated whenever you release a new version.